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Being a service contract customer gives you peace of mind. Our yearly contracts are a great way to ensure that your homes heating and air conditioning are in working order and help to avoid many HVAC emergencies. It is proven that well maintained equipment can reduce your fuel bills, lower the chance of costly breakdowns, keep you and your family comfortable in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, and prolong the life of your equipment. 
When you become a Service Contract Customer you will be not only worry less but you will be entitled to the following:

    15% discount on replacement parts 
   Priority emergency service for one year at no added cost during normal working hours (Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm)
   There will be a $35.00 trip charge for after hours, holidays, and weekends. 

- Summer Cooling Maintenance                                                                                              
   A- install gauges and check operating pressure                                                                          
   B- check voltage and amperage to all motors w/ meter
   C- check air temperature drop across evaporator                                                                       
   D- check refrigerant charge                                                                                                          
   E- lubricate moving parts                                                                                                             
   F- check and adjust belts                                                                                                              
   G- check filters                                                                                                                              
   H- check pressure switch cut-out settings
   I- check disconnectors or circuit at unit
   J- check all contactors
   K- clean and adjust thermostat
   L- check air temperature across condenser
   M- check condensate drain opening
   N- turn exposed dampers to cooling position it marked (No Balancing)
   O- service of electronic air cleaners

- Winter Heating Maintenance
   A- check and adjust thermostat
   B- clean and adjust safety controls
   C- vacuum clean burners and controls 
   D- clean and adjust pilot assembly
   E- check for gas leaks in furnace
   F- lubricate moving parts
   G- check belt
   H- check filters
   I- check flue pipe
   J- shut down central air conditioning
   K- adjust pressure regulator
   L- check that crankcase heater is operating
   M- turn exposed dampers to heating position, if marked (No Balancing)
   N- servicing humidifiers